Throwback Thursday

Happy Thursday!  Once again I am playing along with a linky party hosted by Freebielicious.  Today's topic?  Throwback Thursday!

This throwback seems so long ago, but, you know, we're sort of half way around the calendar to winter again, aren't we?  Sigh...

This picture is a pretty winter scene outside my classroom window.  I say pretty now, but I'm pretty sure I was dreaming of summer, know what I mean?

Enjoy your summer, while it lasts!

So what is outside your classroom window?  Hmmm?

Oh!  I'm supposed to share an old post to throwback at you.  This one is from last summer where I talked about pennant banners.  Click here to go read that post.
This is my word wall.  I will have updated pictures in the coming days because I just ripped that blue paper down and replaced all the borders.  "Coming soon!"

Have an awesome day!

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