Pennant Banners

If you're like me, your summer days are dwindling and you're busy planning and setting up your classroom.  This summer I created some pennant banners for my room to use on my bulletin boards.

This banner tops off my word wall.  I made this set in Red Polka Dot to match my room colors.  I'm thinking I'm going to add a bow where the two ribbons meet in the middle.

I plan on using these pennants for other bulletin boards in my room as well.  The ideas are endless:
"daily 5"
"math focus wall"
"mrs. yourname's class"
"reading & phonics"
"who's in 1st grade?"

Notice the punctuation I used in those examples?  Periods, hyphens, apostrophes, ampersands, commas, and question marks are included. a-z alphabet and numbers 0-9 also included.

If you like them, my Pennant Banners in Red Polka Dot are available in my TPT store.  I have several colors available in polka dot or chevron.  Click on the pictures below to view.

Pennant Banners Red Dots Set  Pennant Banners Turquoise Dot Set
Pennant Banners Lime Dots Set
  Pennant Banners Pink Dots Set
Pennant Banners Orange Chevron Set 
Pennant Banners Purple Chevron Set
Pennant Banners Gray and Yellow Chevron Set

Thanks for visiting and good luck setting up your classroom for back 2 school!

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