Math Facts Fluency!

This year I'm using a new approach to teaching math facts to my 1st graders.  See this post.

The first skill we worked on was being able to add 1 and 2 to a number (up to 20).  I needed some flash cards to use for independent practice, so I made a set that included each math fact, the "flip flop fact" (commutative property), and also some facts with missing numbers in every position.  For instance:
I printed them out, laminated them, cut them, and put them in my "math choice" bin for students to select when they are done with their math centers. 

Let me tell you, my students practically fight over these.  They LOVE THEM!  I think they love the challenge of making all the matches before it's time to clean up, but I also think they love to sprawl out on the floor and take up a lot of room with them.  They love to come get me and have me come over to see what they've done.
You can purchase Set 1 - Add +1 and +2 here.
Since the first set was so highly motivating, I made another set, this time with subtraction (minus 1 and minus 2).  I changed the color so that if any cards were not put away properly, we could easily tell which baggie it belongs in.  In fact, every new Math Facts Cards set I've made is a different color/pattern just for this purpose.  I now have at least 6 sets of cards out for students to use and they are all different colors.  Easy peasy if a card is found.
 You can purchase Set 2 - Subtraction -1 and -2 here.
I just completed making all 8 sets of Math Facts Cards, which cover all the math facts up to 20.  Each set covers a different skill.  You can pick and choose the sets you need, purchase them individually, or purchase the BUNDLE at a discounted price.  (The bundled price is like getting 2 of the sets for free!)
Pick up a set or two, or dive in and get the bundle.  You won't be sorry.  I cannot keep my students from using these sets over and over again.  Each time we begin a new skill and I bring out a new set of Math Facts Cards in a new color, the kids get very excited and they all can't wait to get their hands on them.
And here's the most important part... I have seen a huge improvement in their math facts fluency!  Woo hoo!  I'm seeing 95% of my students able to master their timed tests at the end of each skill study.
By the way, even though my students love to just lay out the cards on the floor and match them up, you can also use these cards to play concentration or go fish, or simply use them as flash cards the old fashioned way!  I'd love to hear how you use them.

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Ten Frame Puzzle Races

We took our Ten Frame puzzles to a whole new level - races!  Two partners on each team race against each other to see who will be the first to complete the puzzle.  You could also play one-on-one.

Oh, my goodness!  They LOVE this!  For at least three weeks now, my students are still wanting to get these puzzle out to race each other.  They are now experts at subitizing with ten frames, for sure!

These and other ten frame games available here:

Ten Frame Fun:  Puzzles & Games for Math Stations
Ten Frame Fun

Math Fluency Bingo!

For the past couple of weeks, we've been working on +1 and +2 facts in my classroom.  I highly recommend this book, Mastering the Basic Math Facts in Addition and Subtraction!

We began by doing a math investigation about mice in a jar, as the book recommends.  Partners worked to count the mice in their jar (or, in our case, their baggie!) and then wrote a number sentence to show how many mice they would have if they added one more, and then two more.  They drew pictures and we put these in our math notebooks.

Next, we made an anchor chart to record all the different plus one and plus two number sentences we made and we noticed the patterns.

After doing the investigation, I made up some bingo games for the kids to practice.  You can find them here:
Plus One, Minus One, Plus Two, Minus Two Bingo:  Addition
Plus One, Plus Two, Minus One, Minus Two:  Addition & Subtraction Fluency Bingo Games

We've been practicing for a couple of weeks during guided math.  "Math Facts" is one of four stations my kiddos rotate to.  We concluded our study of +1 and +2 by taking a one-minute fact check each day for a week.  I have to say my kids did extremely well on these.  In the past, our school used a program where kids in your class might all be on a different level and learning different facts.  I am really liking how this program slows the process down and my whole class is working on learning one set of facts at a time.
Next up, we will focus on -1 and -2!  My bingo game set includes bingo games to help us practice subtraction, too!

Ten Frame Cover Up!

My kids love playing Ten Frame Cover Up!  This is a simple partner game that helps students become fluent with ten frames.  Our class made a goal that by the end of the week, we would be able to tell the quantity on a ten frame without counting the dots (subitizing). This game really helped us reach that goal.
This is a basic cover up-style game.  Partners take turns drawing a card with a ten frame quantity on it.  They then place their marker on that number on their side of the board.  Then, their partner takes a turn doing the same.  The first partner to cover all their numbers is the winner.
They love the little bit of competitiveness this game brings, and they loved being able to quickly name the quantity while we worked on our class goal.
I hope you love it.  To purchase this game, along with other ten frame games, visit my TPT shop here:
 Ten Frame Fun:  Puzzles & Games for Math Stations

 Ten Frame Fun

Ten Frame Fun!

This week in my classroom it's all about ten frames!  Our goal for this week is to be able to recognize quantities on ten frames with automaticity.  In other words, subitizing.  So, I made some ten frame games and puzzles to help my students practice while engaging them in fun.

Today, I introduced two of the activities included in my new packet.  The first is a puzzle.  Students can match quantities to complete a ten frame.  Simple, but effective practice.  I've done similar puzzles for 120 charts and the kids have loved them, so why not ten frames?

The second activity introduced today was another variety of ten frame puzzle.  Students match numbers to corresponding ten frames on the puzzle board.  We did this with two students working together on one puzzle.  After practicing once, I engaged students in racing another team.  Two against two.  THEY LOVED THIS!!!  Let me say this again.... THEY LOVED THIS!!!  A little competition was all they needed to help them increase their speed and accuracy in identifying quantities on ten frames.  Highly recommend!

Both of these activities are included in my new packet Ten Frame Fun
Ten Frame Fun:  Puzzles & Games for Math Stations
Be sure to check it out on TPT and check back here to see some of the other activities in action once I've introduced them in my classroom later this week.

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New!  I just posted this in my TPT shop today!
Plus One, Minus One, Plus Two, Minus Two Bingo:  Addition
Plus One, Plus Two, Minus One, Minus Two:  Addition & Subtraction Fluency Bingo Games

+1, -1, +2, -2 Bingo games will help your students become fluent in math facts. 

Adding and subtracting by one is an important number sense skill in developing beginning math fact fluency in our young mathematicians. The idea of starting with a number and counting on or counting back is an important developmental concept. This packet was developed with my own students in mind as they began to develop this concept and needed practice to help develop fluency.

Also included are bingo games for adding on and counting back by two, which is the next step after students develop an understanding of +1/-1.

Included in this packet:
Number Cards
4 Bingo Boards for each concept (+1, -1, +2, -2)
Number Lines

I included number lines to help students as they work. If you laminate them, students can use dry erase markers to practice making jumps.

Black line masters are included so that you can print on colored paper if you'd rather save on colored ink.

Check it out here! 

Plus One, Plus Two, Minus One, Minus Two:  Addition & Subtraction Fluency Bingo Games

I'm introducing it soon in my own classroom, so stay tuned for photos of this product in use!

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Making Ten!

My 1st graders have been LOVING playing Cover Up!  It's one of the games included in my Make Ten! Addition Fluency Cards & Games packet.
Students choose a card and then determine the number which needs to be added to it to make ten.  Then, they place a marker on their board.  Their partner takes a turn and does the same.  Play continues until one player has covered up all of the numbers on their board.

This game is simple to prep, comes in blackline masters so that you can save on colored ink if you prefer.  It can be a math center or, as I use it in my class, a "math choice" for early finishers.

My kids are loving the little bit of competitiveness a game provides and choose this to play with their math partners over and over again.  That's a good thing!

To see this game, and other games to practice making ten, click on the link below.

Make Ten!  Addition Fluency Cards & Games

Make Ten! Addition Fluency Cards & Games

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DIY Lampshade

I'm a DIY girl, if you didn't know.  So, when I couldn't find a lampshade for my desk to suit my classroom d├ęcor and style, I decided to buy some fabric and do a little DIY.  Here is the final product, then you can read on if you're interested in how this project was completed.

This summer my number one goal school-wise was to finally get my desk area organized.  I have a large teacher desk, but still it seems like there's always stuff piled everywhere.  I purchased an inexpensive Closet Maid shelf to aid in giving me some vertical storage. 

Then, I purchased an inexpensive lamp from Target with a plain white shade to cover and personalize.

These are some of the basic tools you might use... measuring tape, cutting mat, hard-edged ruler (for straight cuts), and a rotary fabric cutter.  Scissors do the job nicely, too.  ;)

The first step is to measure around the shade.  I purposely chose a shade that was shaped like a cylinder and not a cone.  That way I could cut a simple rectangular piece of fabric and it's much easier.  You'll need to measure the height as well.  I added about an inch or so to those measurements to overlap around the shade and to overlap along the top/bottom edges.  I just mark the measurements with a sharpie on each edge, then line up the ruler with those marks, and cut.
 The next step is to adhere the fabric to the shade.  I purchased a can of spray adhesive.  Any brand will do.  Go to a well-ventilated area (outside) and spray the entire outside portion of the shade. 

Wrap the fabric around the shade, being careful there are no bubbles and it's nice and smooth.

I used Aleene's Tacky Glue to adhere the edges down.  I think there are better products for adhering fabric, but this was all I had at the time so I went with it.  It works fine, it just gets the fabric a little "wet" until it dries.

Once that was done, I wanted to finish off those inside edges so they didn't look frayed and uneven.  I applied more Tacky Glue and ran a strip of black ribbon around the edge.

The last step was to add a decorative ribbon trim around the bottom.  I love red, so red it is!  I love the little pom-poms, too.

Here is that final pic again.  I am loving the way it turned out and I'm feeling great about my desk organization to start off the new school year!

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Pennant Banners

If you're like me, your summer days are dwindling and you're busy planning and setting up your classroom.  This summer I created some pennant banners for my room to use on my bulletin boards.

This banner tops off my word wall.  I made this set in Red Polka Dot to match my room colors.  I'm thinking I'm going to add a bow where the two ribbons meet in the middle.

I plan on using these pennants for other bulletin boards in my room as well.  The ideas are endless:
"daily 5"
"math focus wall"
"mrs. yourname's class"
"reading & phonics"
"who's in 1st grade?"

Notice the punctuation I used in those examples?  Periods, hyphens, apostrophes, ampersands, commas, and question marks are included. a-z alphabet and numbers 0-9 also included.

If you like them, my Pennant Banners in Red Polka Dot are available in my TPT store.  I have several colors available in polka dot or chevron.  Click on the pictures below to view.

Pennant Banners Red Dots Set  Pennant Banners Turquoise Dot Set
Pennant Banners Lime Dots Set
  Pennant Banners Pink Dots Set
Pennant Banners Orange Chevron Set 
Pennant Banners Purple Chevron Set
Pennant Banners Gray and Yellow Chevron Set

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Pencil Labels FREEBIE

I went into my classroom for the first time this summer, just to drop a few things that I had purchased for back to school.  I can't believe school will be here in just a few short weeks!  Eeek!

While I was there I started doing a little organizing, including setting up my new pencil cups.  I made these new pencil labels for my classroom earlier this summer and loaded them on TPT as a FREEBIE

There are a couple of different label options, depending on your personal preference.

To download a free set of pencil labels, click the photo below...

Pencil Labels for the Classroom