Ten Frame Fun!

This week in my classroom it's all about ten frames!  Our goal for this week is to be able to recognize quantities on ten frames with automaticity.  In other words, subitizing.  So, I made some ten frame games and puzzles to help my students practice while engaging them in fun.

Today, I introduced two of the activities included in my new packet.  The first is a puzzle.  Students can match quantities to complete a ten frame.  Simple, but effective practice.  I've done similar puzzles for 120 charts and the kids have loved them, so why not ten frames?

The second activity introduced today was another variety of ten frame puzzle.  Students match numbers to corresponding ten frames on the puzzle board.  We did this with two students working together on one puzzle.  After practicing once, I engaged students in racing another team.  Two against two.  THEY LOVED THIS!!!  Let me say this again.... THEY LOVED THIS!!!  A little competition was all they needed to help them increase their speed and accuracy in identifying quantities on ten frames.  Highly recommend!

Both of these activities are included in my new packet Ten Frame Fun
Ten Frame Fun:  Puzzles & Games for Math Stations
Be sure to check it out on TPT and check back here to see some of the other activities in action once I've introduced them in my classroom later this week.

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New!  I just posted this in my TPT shop today!
Plus One, Minus One, Plus Two, Minus Two Bingo:  Addition
Plus One, Plus Two, Minus One, Minus Two:  Addition & Subtraction Fluency Bingo Games

+1, -1, +2, -2 Bingo games will help your students become fluent in math facts. 

Adding and subtracting by one is an important number sense skill in developing beginning math fact fluency in our young mathematicians. The idea of starting with a number and counting on or counting back is an important developmental concept. This packet was developed with my own students in mind as they began to develop this concept and needed practice to help develop fluency.

Also included are bingo games for adding on and counting back by two, which is the next step after students develop an understanding of +1/-1.

Included in this packet:
Number Cards
4 Bingo Boards for each concept (+1, -1, +2, -2)
Number Lines

I included number lines to help students as they work. If you laminate them, students can use dry erase markers to practice making jumps.

Black line masters are included so that you can print on colored paper if you'd rather save on colored ink.

Check it out here! 

Plus One, Plus Two, Minus One, Minus Two:  Addition & Subtraction Fluency Bingo Games

I'm introducing it soon in my own classroom, so stay tuned for photos of this product in use!

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Making Ten!

My 1st graders have been LOVING playing Cover Up!  It's one of the games included in my Make Ten! Addition Fluency Cards & Games packet.
Students choose a card and then determine the number which needs to be added to it to make ten.  Then, they place a marker on their board.  Their partner takes a turn and does the same.  Play continues until one player has covered up all of the numbers on their board.

This game is simple to prep, comes in blackline masters so that you can save on colored ink if you prefer.  It can be a math center or, as I use it in my class, a "math choice" for early finishers.

My kids are loving the little bit of competitiveness a game provides and choose this to play with their math partners over and over again.  That's a good thing!

To see this game, and other games to practice making ten, click on the link below.

Make Ten!  Addition Fluency Cards & Games

Make Ten! Addition Fluency Cards & Games

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