Ten Frame Puzzle Races

We took our Ten Frame puzzles to a whole new level - races!  Two partners on each team race against each other to see who will be the first to complete the puzzle.  You could also play one-on-one.

Oh, my goodness!  They LOVE this!  For at least three weeks now, my students are still wanting to get these puzzle out to race each other.  They are now experts at subitizing with ten frames, for sure!

These and other ten frame games available here:

Ten Frame Fun:  Puzzles & Games for Math Stations
Ten Frame Fun

Math Fluency Bingo!

For the past couple of weeks, we've been working on +1 and +2 facts in my classroom.  I highly recommend this book, Mastering the Basic Math Facts in Addition and Subtraction!

We began by doing a math investigation about mice in a jar, as the book recommends.  Partners worked to count the mice in their jar (or, in our case, their baggie!) and then wrote a number sentence to show how many mice they would have if they added one more, and then two more.  They drew pictures and we put these in our math notebooks.

Next, we made an anchor chart to record all the different plus one and plus two number sentences we made and we noticed the patterns.

After doing the investigation, I made up some bingo games for the kids to practice.  You can find them here:
Plus One, Minus One, Plus Two, Minus Two Bingo:  Addition
Plus One, Plus Two, Minus One, Minus Two:  Addition & Subtraction Fluency Bingo Games

We've been practicing for a couple of weeks during guided math.  "Math Facts" is one of four stations my kiddos rotate to.  We concluded our study of +1 and +2 by taking a one-minute fact check each day for a week.  I have to say my kids did extremely well on these.  In the past, our school used a program where kids in your class might all be on a different level and learning different facts.  I am really liking how this program slows the process down and my whole class is working on learning one set of facts at a time.
Next up, we will focus on -1 and -2!  My bingo game set includes bingo games to help us practice subtraction, too!

Ten Frame Cover Up!

My kids love playing Ten Frame Cover Up!  This is a simple partner game that helps students become fluent with ten frames.  Our class made a goal that by the end of the week, we would be able to tell the quantity on a ten frame without counting the dots (subitizing). This game really helped us reach that goal.
This is a basic cover up-style game.  Partners take turns drawing a card with a ten frame quantity on it.  They then place their marker on that number on their side of the board.  Then, their partner takes a turn doing the same.  The first partner to cover all their numbers is the winner.
They love the little bit of competitiveness this game brings, and they loved being able to quickly name the quantity while we worked on our class goal.
I hope you love it.  To purchase this game, along with other ten frame games, visit my TPT shop here:
 Ten Frame Fun:  Puzzles & Games for Math Stations

 Ten Frame Fun