120 Chart Puzzles

Developing number sense is so important in the primary years. One of the ways I help my students with number sense is through extra practice using the 120 chart. 

In case you're wondering... "What's a 120 chart?", it's just like a 100 chart most of us teachers have hanging somewhere in our classroom, except it goes to 120 now. 
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Since the adoption of Common Core standards in many states, in first grade we now teach numbers up to 120.

Good thing, too, because I always have a group of students who get stuck going from 100 to 101 or from 109 to 110.  They write 101 as 1001 or 110 as 10010.  Do your students do that, too, or is it just me?  Ha!

I made these 120 chart puzzles with my own students in mind.  {Excuse very ugly table they are sitting on, please.}  I use them in small groups to give those students the extra support they need for mastery, and I also use them as math centers or for early finishers to grab and go.


I'm pretty sure you do have students like mine who need extra practice, so I have uploaded my 120 Chart Puzzle packet to TPT.  There are 12 different puzzles - each in a different color making it easier to find where missing pieces go.  It also includes a 200 puzzle, which kids can use to build the entire 120 chart or go beyond to 200.  Simply include the numbers you'd like them to go to.  My kids love to work on the 120 chart together in groups of 2-4.

I hope you and your students enjoy working with these puzzles!

Have an awesome day,

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