I'm super excited about my newest resource... Krazy Kool Balloon Toppers & Gift Tags.  Yes, balloon toppers have been circulating for a few years.  I didn't invent it and who knows who did!  I have used them for several years for my students' birthday gifts and have created resources that I have sold on TPT for a few years now.


First of all, they were made with all new fonts from A Perfect Blend.  I just recently discovered her fonts and, oh my word, I am in LOVE with them ALL!!!  Simply gorgeous and ON TREND!

Second, there are 14 different sentiments / font styles to choose from.  FOURTEEN!  I created them to use for not only birthdays, but also for thank you's, volunteer gifts, valentines, friends, etc.  Lots of options here.

Note:  Although I created these with Krazy Straw and Kool-Aid gifts in mind, a lot of the tags can be used for other gift items and occasions. 

Third, each sentiment / design was created in 3 formats:
1) Balloon toppers (designed to be used with Krazy Straws

2) Large circle tags (designed to be used with Krazy Straws, but can be used for anything you need a larger gift tag for)

3) Small circle tags (use for literally anything you want)

This resource includes full instructions for printing, cutting, and making the projects shown in this post.  I am also sharing the following Teacher Tip video to show how quick and easy it is to cut these out.

I typically make a whole classroom set of birthday balloons during the summer and I display them in my classroom for students to choose from on their birthday.  It's a minimal investment of time... I literally made mine while watching an episode of the Bachelorette this past week!

Check out the video tutorial and then go and check out the preview of this product in my TPT shop to get a glimpse of what's included.

Have an awesome day!

Target Dollar Spot 2018: Opposite Puzzle Cards

I found many, many things that I *needed* from this year's Target Dollar Spot teacher supplies.  One of the things I picked up were these awesome Opposite Puzzle Cards.

I plan on using this in my Word Work stations this year.  I'm always on the lookout for ways to incorporate some grammar, so when I saw these I had to have them.

I bought 3 sets of them for $1 each.  Who can beat three dollars for a no-prep word work station? Done and done.

T E A C H E R  T I P:  The only thing I did was use a Sharpie marker to write numbers on the back.  I put all 1s on the back of one puzzle's pieces, 2s on the second puzzle, and 3s on the third.  This way, should a puzzle piece not be put away properly (happens ALL THE TIME), my students can easily identify which set the wayward piece belongs to.
Target Dollar Spot also had some alphabet/letter sound puzzles.  Go get these before they're gone!

Cactus Table Labels are Up!

I'm tutoring this summer, so I usually try to do 30 minutes worth of work in my classroom while I'm there.  Might as well get a few things done, right?

Today, I took in the Cactus Table Labels I had printed and laminated and I put them on all my table baskets and caddies.

The longer, rectangular ones are for my baskets.  I use these baskets to put my students' baggie books and iPads.

The smaller, circular ones are for my table caddies.  In addition to the Super Words sight words books and scissors you see pictured, these also hold pencils, erasers, and glue sticks.

Side note: I bought the cute little faux succulent as a variety box of 3 at IKEA.

If you'd like to check out the Cactus Table Labels and Super Words sight word books click on the links to visit my TPT shop.  Thanks for stopping by!

Cactus Table Labels

I'm starting to work on a few things for the new school year.  I made these Cactus Table Labels for my table baskets and caddies and I've uploaded them on TPT.

 I printed them out on white textured card stock.  I love the simple black and white design and, of course, the doodle cactus.  Next up: to laminate, cut out, and adhere the labels to my baskets and caddies using Velcro dots.
I created both rectangle and circle designs, in different sizes to help accommodate differing needs.  I plan to put the rectangle ones on my baskets and smaller circle labels on my smaller table caddies.  I'll post pictures once I've got them all set up.  

The packet also comes with larger circle labels which can be hung from the ceiling, if desired.

You can find these Cactus Table Labels in my TPT store.  Thanks for checking them out!

Sight Words Reference Books

I loved it this week when the little guy I'm tutoring this summer asked if I could pull out a Super Words reference book (Sight Words Books) so that he could look up how to spell a word.

He was working on a non-fiction book about Great White Sharks and knew that the word 'white' was one of the sight words we learned this past year.  Win!!

I printed these Sight Words Books two years ago and they have survived at least 50 little hands using them.  They are super simple to print out.  I chose to print my covers on red paper to match my classroom d├ęcor and I laminated them for extra durability.

I do plan to prep some replacement copies this summer as some of my students have underlined words or accidentally written in them as they've been using them.  But, otherwise they have held up nicely.

I print out enough copies for every student, plus a few extra.  These get placed at tables around the room and at my writing center.  What I love most about these handy reference books is that they have replaced the need for a word wall and, even better, my students have access to all 220 Dolch sight words right from the very first day of school.  Read more about that here

Sight Words Books are only $2.50, easy to prep, and are available in my TPT shop.  I hope you and your students love using them as much as we do!

Also available as part of these two bundles:

Sight Word Assessments using the Seesaw app

Do you teach primary and need an easy way to assess sight words on a regular basis?  Now available are my Sight Words Assessments using Seesaw!

If you have access to iPads in the classroom, or another means of using the Seesaw app, then this is the resource for you!

Gone are the days of assessing my students one-on-one with flashcards.  Now, I simply upload the sight words onto Seesaw and my students work independently to read the words and upload it to their learning journal.  This saves me a HUGE amount of valuable time because I can then listen and evaluate at another time.  I can work with other students in the classroom while several students are taking the assessment.  EASY PEASY!

Here is a video of one of my students reading his sight words to me using the Seesaw app:

After reading the words, my students save it in their learning journal for my approval.  I simply open it, listen and assess, then approve so that connected parents can see their progress.

Click here to learn more about how I teach sight words in my classroom (I call them Super Words!).

Also available is my Sight Words Bundle with Seesaw Digital Assessments.

You are going to love this simple and easy way to get those sight words assessments done and keep your students on track.  Thanks for stopping by to check it out!

Mother's Day Project

There are so many great ideas out there for Mothers Day, so I combined a few and came up with this!

These were fairly simple to create.  First, take a brown paper bag and fold it in half.  I stapled the edge to make a "binding". I've seen many paper bag books with ribbon tied to create the binding; however, I went simple!  Then, I found the pages for kids to decorate from The Memorable Teacher.  It was a FREEBIE!  Woot!

I chose 4 pages from the packet and pre-cut the squares out.  Students wrote and colored and used glue sticks to adhere them.  This created the front and back covers and inside.

I chose to keep the opening of the bag toward the bottom of the booklet.  We created a fun picture card to insert into the bag opening.  We took pictures of the kids outside, edited them, then attached to card stock.  I cut out circles with a circle punch to create the little tab to pull the picture out of the slot.  This creates a fun little surprise for mom to find!

Now, on to the keychains.  Aren't these adorable?!  I got this idea from Simply Kinder.  They are created with Shrinky Dink sheets and Sharpie markers!  It took me a little while to perfect cooking them, but after I got the hang of it, it was pretty easy.  Hint:  The shorter the length, the better, as they will curl up in the oven and begin to stick together.

Make these shrink film keepsake keychains with your students using Shrinky-Dink paper! We share how on Simply Kinder.

I used a small circle punch in the corner of the bag book and looped ball chain through.  I opted to use ball chain instead of the keychains shown above.  I knew I wanted to attach them to the bag books.  I ordered these on Amazon in 3" length.

Voila!  I think our moms are going to love these!