Classroom Curtains

One of the summer projects I needed to complete was to make changes to my current classroom door window covering so that I could keep it open.  Originally, I put up the curtain using Velcro dots and it just remained closed all the time.  That worked fine, until our principal asked me to keep it open.  The Velcro dots were not working, so I needed another plan.

Rather than start from scratch, I just sewed a hem at the top of the curtain.  I bought a small wooden dowel at the craft store and inserted it through the hem.  Then, I hung it up using Command Hooks.  To keep it open, I used some ribbon I had on hand (it's amazing what you find in your classroom closets) and tied up the curtain.  Voila!

Now, if I need to close my curtain in a hurry, I can simply untie the ribbon.  Another summer project off my list!

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