Reading Reward Cards

Every year, after winter break, I begin emphasizing reading fluency with my students.  It's the perfect time.  We've learned a lot of fundamentals and decoding strategies, my students are off and reading, increasing their abilities and reading levels, and now it's time to focus on fluency.

It's also a great time to renew their interest in reading and get the new year / 2nd semester off to a good start.

Enter... Reading Reward Cards! 

Each student gets a reward card.  Once a week, they have the opportunity to earn a punch.  When they have five punches, they earn a reward.

These Reward Cards can be used for any reading incentive you want to offer (reading minutes or a certain number of books, for example).  I made them pretty generic so that any teacher can use them for any reading incentive you choose.  In my class, I will punch their card if they read to me fluently.  

I send home "baggie books" with my students containing books at their level.  I expect students to practice them for homework each night and also during Read to Self (Daily 5).  Once a week, I check in with each student and listen to them read one of their books.  It's always obvious which students have practiced, and which ones have not.  If I hear an improvement in fluency (accuracy, pacing, expression), they earn a punch. 

It's simple, you practice reading, you earn a reward!

Because I have had so much success the last 4 years using this incentive, I created a packet for TPT to be able to share it with other teachers.  I hope it can help you, too.

Reading Reward Cards
When a student receives their Reading Reward Card, they choose a reward to work towards.  There are 15 different rewards to choose from.  I also included a blank card so that teachers could write in their own reward ideas.  Students glue the reward they choose onto the front of their card.  This provides a visual for students and their parents so that they know what they are working for.

I provided Reward Flip Ring cards, too.  Just print and laminate them, and use them for your students to flip through, get them pumped up about earning a fun reward, and make a choice.

I included 5 different titles for the reward cards, just to offer a little variety for teachers.
-Reading Reward Card
-Reading Super Star
-Fantastic Fluency
-Awesome Reader Card
-Rockin' Reader

My kids are WAY excited about earning a reward.  They have had them for 2 weeks now, and the difference in their reading is INCREDIBLE!!

To check out my Reading Reward Cards, click here!

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