A Teacher Tip for your Stations

Hi there!  Just a quick teacher tip that I thought I would share with you today...

Have you ever made multiples of a station or game with cut/laminated pieces?  I usually make 3 sets of each station/game so that I can have 3 sets of partners working on the same thing.  When I do that, there always seems to be those 1-2 cards that get left out at clean up time and then you don't know which set it belongs to.  Ugh!

Am I preaching to the teacher choir?  Can I get an amen at how frustrating that is?

I finally figured out, after a long time and many, many frustrations, to either print each set on different colored paper, OR, to simply use a Sharpie to label the back of each set with a number (i.e. set "1", "2", etc.).

Genius!  Now, when a card gets left out at clean up time, it's easy to figure out which bag it belongs to.  In fact, I've taught my 1st graders about this little trick and they know how to get any lost pieces back to their respectful bags all on their own.

Hope this little tip helps some of you in case you hadn't tried it.

Have an awesome day!

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