Math Facts Fluency!

This year I'm using a new approach to teaching math facts to my 1st graders.  See this post.

The first skill we worked on was being able to add 1 and 2 to a number (up to 20).  I needed some flash cards to use for independent practice, so I made a set that included each math fact, the "flip flop fact" (commutative property), and also some facts with missing numbers in every position.  For instance:
I printed them out, laminated them, cut them, and put them in my "math choice" bin for students to select when they are done with their math centers. 

Let me tell you, my students practically fight over these.  They LOVE THEM!  I think they love the challenge of making all the matches before it's time to clean up, but I also think they love to sprawl out on the floor and take up a lot of room with them.  They love to come get me and have me come over to see what they've done.
You can purchase Set 1 - Add +1 and +2 here.
Since the first set was so highly motivating, I made another set, this time with subtraction (minus 1 and minus 2).  I changed the color so that if any cards were not put away properly, we could easily tell which baggie it belongs in.  In fact, every new Math Facts Cards set I've made is a different color/pattern just for this purpose.  I now have at least 6 sets of cards out for students to use and they are all different colors.  Easy peasy if a card is found.
 You can purchase Set 2 - Subtraction -1 and -2 here.
I just completed making all 8 sets of Math Facts Cards, which cover all the math facts up to 20.  Each set covers a different skill.  You can pick and choose the sets you need, purchase them individually, or purchase the BUNDLE at a discounted price.  (The bundled price is like getting 2 of the sets for free!)
Pick up a set or two, or dive in and get the bundle.  You won't be sorry.  I cannot keep my students from using these sets over and over again.  Each time we begin a new skill and I bring out a new set of Math Facts Cards in a new color, the kids get very excited and they all can't wait to get their hands on them.
And here's the most important part... I have seen a huge improvement in their math facts fluency!  Woo hoo!  I'm seeing 95% of my students able to master their timed tests at the end of each skill study.
By the way, even though my students love to just lay out the cards on the floor and match them up, you can also use these cards to play concentration or go fish, or simply use them as flash cards the old fashioned way!  I'd love to hear how you use them.

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