Target Dollar Spot 2018: Opposite Puzzle Cards

I found many, many things that I *needed* from this year's Target Dollar Spot teacher supplies.  One of the things I picked up were these awesome Opposite Puzzle Cards.

I plan on using this in my Word Work stations this year.  I'm always on the lookout for ways to incorporate some grammar, so when I saw these I had to have them.

I bought 3 sets of them for $1 each.  Who can beat three dollars for a no-prep word work station? Done and done.

T E A C H E R  T I P:  The only thing I did was use a Sharpie marker to write numbers on the back.  I put all 1s on the back of one puzzle's pieces, 2s on the second puzzle, and 3s on the third.  This way, should a puzzle piece not be put away properly (happens ALL THE TIME), my students can easily identify which set the wayward piece belongs to.
Target Dollar Spot also had some alphabet/letter sound puzzles.  Go get these before they're gone!

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