Switch! Spelling Game

A month ago I decided I needed a new way for my students to practice spelling skills.  I wanted to create a game that was engaging, not only for the player whose turn it was, but for both players at all times.

You know what I'm talking about.  When two kids are playing a game and one of them isn't paying attention because it's not their turn.  They're looking around, disengaged, and definitely not learning.  Not with this game!

When I created Switch!, I made sure that both students would have a job to do no matter whose turn it was.  Here's how it works:

Player 1 spins and moves to the color they spin.  Then they perform a task.  Here's where Partner 2 plays a role because if  Player 1 spins "Write It" or "Spell It" Player 2 is drawing a Word Card for Player 1 and reading it to them.  Player 1 is either writing the word or spelling it verbally while Player 2 checks the spelling.  If they spin "Switch" the players reverse roles.  If the spinner lands on the blue question mark, Player 1 moves and follows directions on that space, which may include switching spaces on the game board with their partner.  That always gets their attention!

Also, I built in a reward for spelling words correctly: they get to move a bonus space.  So, no penalties for errors, but positive reinforcement for getting it right.  Boy, do my kids try hard to get it right!

When I introduced this game to my students, I did so in small groups.  It took several turns for them to learn the rules, but after that they flew!  Now I just place 3 sets of the games in my word work bins and they are able to play independently.

My students are loving this new game.  I am seeing a high level of engagement and improvement in their spelling skills, especially for the vowel teams and diphthongs we've been working on.  Each week, I print out a new set of word cards and I'm ready to go.

You can check out my Switch! game on TPT here
Switch!  Spelling Game for any Word List

I hope your students love it as much as mine do.

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