Wobble Chairs in the House!

Squeeee!!!!!  Look what the school custodian just delivered!

I am so excited about these Wobble Chairs! 

I recently had - not one - but two Donors Choose projects funded!  Woot Woot!  What happened was, I started a project to fund 3 round tables for my classroom and the support for the project was so overwhelming, that I received way more funding than needed.  So, in order to spend that extra donation money, I created a 2nd project for Wobble Chairs!


You guys, I could not believe how quickly this (these) projects got fully funded.   5 days!  FIVE DAYS people!!!  Can you believe that?!

I've been super inspired to transform my room to flexible seating, and this is just the beginning!  I'm getting rid of those individual student desks and offering choice and multiple options.  I will post more as the transformation begins.  Right now, I'm purchasing book shelves, flexibility balls, book bins, etc.  And, basically, I have everything ready.  I'm just waiting on our new tables to arrive.  Can't really do much until I receive those.

C'mon UPS send me that tracking info!  I'm dying to get my tables!

Check back soon to see the before & after pictures!

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