Yay for Pennants!

Loving how my writing center is starting to come together.  This year I moved it to a new location in my classroom.  I used to have a bulletin board in the old location, but over here I only have a boring beige wall.  (Yawn...)

So, I decided to create a bulletin board on the wall to sort of frame the space.  Today, I added a pennant and I love, love, love how it turned out.

Here's a tip for cutting pennants, and anything else really.  For 15 years I taught rubber stamping, card making, and paper crafting and this simple, little tip makes a big difference in your projects.  Tip:  Leave a white border space around your pieces.  It makes it easier to cut because you don't have to trim precisely on the edge.  The white border creates a frame and compliments the projects. 
These pennant banners are one of many patterns/colors available in my TPT shop.  The set includes:
-Upper and Lower Case alphabet
-Numbers 0-9
-Symbols (period, question mark, exclamation mark, hyphen, ampersand, and apostrophe)
With the symbols included, the possibilities are endless.  See how I used an exclamation mark on mine?

Visit my TPT shop to see more colors available in chevron and polka dot patterns.

Pennant Banners Purple Chevron Set
Pennant Banners Lime Dots Set
Pennant Banners Turquoise Dot Set

Pennant Banners Orange Chevron Set
Pennant Banners Red Dots Set

Pennant Banners Gray and Yellow Chevron Set

Pennant Banners Pink Dots Set

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