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Stay tuned!  As I begin to set up my classroom for the new school year, I will post more photos!  :)

2015-2016 Classroom Set-Up and Décor
This past year I did a Donors Choose project to purchase new tables and seating.  Read about it here.

This is my student work board.  I stapled 30 sheets of 12 x 12 card stock onto black bulletin board paper.  The black background really makes it pop!  Then, I used a hot glue gun to adhere miniature clothespins to the top center of each sheet of card stock.  I usually have about 23-26 students, so in the extra spaces, I plan on hanging some fun, cute quotes.  I'll post pictures of those soon!

 Reading Bench

This is my reading bench that I bought from my neighbor's garage sale several years ago.  My kids love to sit there during Daily 5 reading time.
 I just recovered the fabric on it and added some foam cushioning for a little extra padding for our "pockets" to sit on.  Ha!

Here's what the fabric looks like up close.  Hoping I don't regret choosing a fabric with so much white in the pattern.  I just loved the zig-zag and had to have it.  Hopefully, it will stay clean!
The pillows are covered in fabric that I picked out 4 years ago and it has lasted well.  I sewed pillow covers using an envelope pattern {I think that's what it's called}, which allows me to easily pull the pillow out and wash the covers when needed.

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